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Isolux Under New Ownership

We are happy to announce an Isolux ownership change beginning July 1st, 2020. Mr. Paul Beech, the current President/CEO will be retiring and helping with the business transition from him and his team to the new owners Chris and Julie Rankin and their team. The manufacturing portion of the business will be kept in Naples, Florida with longtime Site Manager, Nick Andreoulakis and Susan Farrie staying and helping to make a smooth transition. The phone number will remain (239) 514-7475.

Chris and Julie Rankin have a 30-year history in the medical equipment business based in Warsaw, Indiana specializing in clinical operating room and doctor’s office equipment and setting up outpatient surgery centers throughout the US. Julie will be taking the helm as President / CFO while Chris will be Operations Director. Please welcome other team members; Ryan Pannell, Director of Sales and Vince Yoder, Director of Marketing.

The new Isolux team will continue to work on the outstanding existing LED Examination Lights, LED Headlights, Xenon Light sources, Cameras and lighting accessories product lines that Isolux has established in the human, veterinary and dental industry. Visit us on the web

We look forward to this opportunity to help existing and new customers with all lighting needs both now and in the future. Contact us today (239) 514-7475 and we will answer any questions you may have.